UW-06 Grand Galvatron Takara Tomy

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Here is Cyclonus’ armada:

  • Tactical Cyclonus

“Faithful Destron aviation staff to destroy the Great Galvatron.
The deformation in SF jet.
In response to revelation from the dead Galvatron, he the spirit of the Galvatron in the body has been possessed, it has been reformatted into a possible coalescence scramble body.
Cyclonus the help of interstellar emperor Unicron, it summoned the soldiers with a strong grudge and evil power from another dimension.
by utilizing the energy that integrates a grudge that their having to undertake a full revival of Galvatron.”

  • Ghost Starscream

“Former number two of Destron corps known its name as a traitor.
The deformation in jet fighter.
Starscream had been wandering the universe to become the spiritual energy body by the force of Unicron, was resurrected been sealed in an incomplete half reality ghost body dead half alive half its soul.
From translucent material constituting his body, has the energy of grudge against Galvatron who killed their own is always released.
But seem to have cooperated in Cyclonus and Galvatron you let me play, his nature is not clear.”

  • Zombie War Breakdown

“Is another dimension of the Decepticons soldiers that specializes in sabotage.
The deformation in off road car.
After he was using the carcasses to human killed by the same fellow, he was summoned to another dimension of Unicron in the end you have wandered as a zombie that can not be death has a strong grudge.
It was to play to give the scramble body he follows faithfully the new Lord’s instructions.
But have dreamed of reunion of the nisin and former partner, we are craving that secretly to return to the original world.”

  • Wandering Roller

“And separated from one’s fellow during the battle, the original Autobot warrior who was wandering Between dimension.
The deformation to Roku-rin armored vehicles.
I continued to wait for the relief of alone fellow he was torn absolute lonely soul.
He was considered to be abandoned to the trust to have the fellow is dominated by despair and guilt, leading to soon have a strong grudge energy.
It has been summoned to this world sensed the energy to Unicron.
It had lost some of the stored by long wandering, we are holding a particularly strong hatred against the convoy commander is a symbol of Cybertron.”

  • Curse Armada Thrust

“Is another dimension of Destron soldiers with the nickname of cold strategist.
The deformation in jet fighter.
Once he died caught in the deformation of Unicron is holding a complex emotion to the fact that it was been summoned reproduced by another dimension of Unicron.
Apparently he is using the ground Galvatron that revived using their new scramble body, it seems to have plans to revenge to secretly Unicron.”



UW-06 Grand Galvatron Takara Tomy


UW-06 Grand Galvatron Takara Tomy UW-06 Grand Galvatron Takara Tomy UW-06 Grand Galvatron Takara Tomy UW-06 Grand Galvatron Takara Tomy UW-06 Grand Galvatron Takara Tomy UW-06 Grand Galvatron Takara Tomy
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