Dream EX Shredder 1/6 Scale

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PRE ORDER march 2017

Two different masked head sculpts with different expressions
Products Full-height 30 cm
Muscle ferrite
Ten alternative hand
Support stand
Purple cloak
Sleeveless shirt
Leather vest
Black armband
Leather leggings
Arm Armor
Leg armor
With armor boots
Samurai sword
Ninja darts
Portable Visual Communicator
Mutation liquid tank
With the ambition of concurring the earth, Shredder with his foot clan teamed up with an alien named Krang from dimension X, and have formed a formidable ally against the Ninja Turtles. Product focus on a real perception, proportion, and impeccable details. Something TMNT fans have always been looking for. 
Nickelodeon licensed product.
DreamEX: 1/6 scale collection of the the classic animated version of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,".
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