Why are your prices  the lowest in the Australian industry?

At PC we have always known being based in Australia we unfortunately were at a disadvantage when competing with most online stores in Asia and the USA ,

both in terms of location and proximity to suppliers.

We do not source any items from LOCAL distributors so our pricing and shipping times are not comparable to other Australian Stores.

Most of our items are also imported via SEA and not AIR,

so it is not the usual that items simply will arrive a few days after they show up on the internet.

Why does it take so long to deliver a toy that is released in Asia or locally?

Our ETA's are subject to change, whether it be a manufacturer delay or supplier one.

as we are not based near the source like other retailers, our ETA's tend to move alot more when changes occur.

We have heard many complaints about this and we are implementing 2 ETA's on future products to show both manufacturer ETA and PC ETA.

Why Do Hot Toys Orders get shipped so long after first release?

Our Hot Toy Supplier in HK is second tier supplier of Hot Toys,

which means they are given stock left over from first runs to global distributors.

The trade off's are the pricing is the lowest on offer at the expense of delivery.

We find by being able to provide these Toy's at the lowest prices. long term collectors who have more focus on money than when they will receiving delivery.

We work in a competitive market and we understand this model is not for everyone, we welcome those who understand how the focus on price is at the expense of time to deliver to your door.

Our ETA on Hot Toys are supplier estimates subject  to change.

We hope this dispells a Apples V Apples Comparison Often being made regarding our Hot Toy ETA's

How Secure are payments made to PC?

Payments to PC are very secure, both in terms of the online shopfront systems used as well as peace of mind that when paying via credit card,

The payment is guaranteed by our financial insitutions , this means even if you are unhappy with how PC operate there is further dispute resolution steps you can take.

Because we are not based overseas, all disputes are handled locally as opposed to a service like paypal, which uses it's own process to determine disputes.

We would remind customers though that unless we advise you we cannot supply a product then our opinion is we will still be able to fufill the order. this has happend on many occasion and we also understand there are some customers who may not think it is longer possible to supply. we will not contest your right to dispute extensive delays, however because we can still supply the product, we do not process the refund unless advised we cannot supply.

Because we have a long list of USA and ASIAN Suppliers, it is rare we cannot source a product.

Why do some products come in batches?

Some Customers may notice the use of the word batch in some updates or responses.

The reason is simply room and space we lease on shipping containers from overseas

we try to always ship out oldest orders to newest first to make it a fair process for everyone.

this usually means a mix of multiple products at one time.

we have noted though due to rapid expansion in 2016 , the balance between products shipping out to those at backend of order lists has blown out.

unfortunately in the step of trying to accomodate everyone , customer expectations received a hit.

since July 2017 we have rolled back QTY on all items to make the gap between time of order and shipping more comparable and servicable.


Why Does it seem like you never reply to messages?

 Unfortunately our team has purposely always been kept small to avoid impacting our main selling point , PRICE,  we had hoped a offshore hire this year would of reduced the wait times for customers to get responses to their questions.

This appears to have not worked out on review and we are now doing a local hire for Customer Service.

our main focus has always been on shipping department , who pack and ship orders. to make sure once items do arrive, being a mostly pre-order business, there is minimal delay once they arrive. we hope customers will see a better level of service towards the end of this year and staring end of this month.