12 July, 2017

 Hot Toys MMS403 - End of July
 Hot Toys MMS402 - End of July
 Hot Toys QS008- End of July
Hot Toys - MMS363- Shipment arrived monday- Shipping Commenced
S.H Deadshot- End Of July
Ironman meisho realization - End of July
Spider-Man Amazing Yamaguchi Series No. 002: Spider-Man (Re-run)- End of July
Action Toys : Ultra Magnus -  Awaiting Customs Clearance
MP-11SW - another Shipment due 17th July
MP-38 - First Batch Due in 2 weeks
Titans Hasbro Sixshot- Shipping Commenced Last week, more stock arriving end of July
Titans Return Deluxe Wave 4- Shipping Commenced last week- more stock arriving end of july
LG-35 Ginrai - Stock arrived late last week- still shipping from this batch
Hasbro mpm-3 - due in approx 2 weeks.
hasbro liokaiser- final batch have arrived this week and shipped- please contact us  if you have not received a shipment notice
MP-37-  second shipment is due end of july
Fantoys Grinder- Shipment due 1st week of august
Fantoys Phoenix- first batch due end of july
Marvel Legends Homecoming - started shipping last month- more stock arriving end of july
Marvel Legends Warlock -  started Shipping last month- More stock arriving end of july
Marvel legends Deadpool 12" -  Commenced shipping - more stock arriving in about 2 weeks.
Star wars 40th Anv - wave 2 - first batch shipped late june - next batch due end of JULY
Star wars 40th Anv - wave -1 - next batch due 1st week of august- Stock secured from new chinese partners .
Some of this weeks updates are new and some have been revised due to shipment shutdown from one of our Importers.
As of Today's date these timeframes are accurate.
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