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23 September, 2018

Following on from our post in june 2018, unfortunately the situation with the business has not improved due to the factors raised in june and also external parties focusing on the demise of PC for several years now finally getting there way. In the era of fake news and anoymous social media trolling,

one lie can turn into many branches of incorrect information.

the toy industry is very competitive with overseas marketplaces and even locally with big box toys r us going through the wayside.  A unqiue model was attempted by us to provide products to the consumer here, but even with overseas GST laws now in effect, at the end of the day regardless of what we asked our base,  people want there toys asap, so with that glaringly obvious by the pullout of orders this year, it seems this decision has been made for us.

Due to the pre-orders seeming to have too much grey area under consumer law, regarding supply, PC will no longer be doing future pre-orders, only items that will be listed for sale will be instock, this does not effect products yet to come out.

over the coming months there will be some products available from the past offers, due to the unauthorised refunds that have taken place throughout 2018. A large contingent of stock still remains stranded in china and the USA and is being worked on to have it brought in before years end. this has been made possible due to the seemless sales still taking place on ebay marketplace. PC will likely transition to ebay permantly once  all stock arrives in oz, and the website be closed down to rely on ebay's business structure and terms and conditions and dispute resolution expertise much more in line with a small operator business capability.

a lengthy audit is being conducted regarding bank deposit orders in relation to refunds, it is expected basic refunds for overdue items without receiving other products and discounts on other orders received will be finalised by mid october, other refunds are looking likely to be offered towards end of this year, due to complex nature of working out refunds that have not received part of their orders or free products in some cases due to the spend amount. Customers who have paid via bank deposit and have items that come in this year, will be contacted to be offered the product first, or if declined , a refund, this product will then likely appear on the website. any product in future that is on the website and is able to be added to cart will be instock and ready to ship.


It is unfortunate that with a customer base that reached 6000 earlier this year,

150 complaints all steming from the same platforms gradually created problems throughout ths year for many who until this year were happy with the price vs speed business model pc has always run under since inception.

Thanks to those who supported the journey from a facebook marketplace, to a website and a top 100 oz retail store in 2016.

thanks to all those who supported the online store fore 4 years.

we welcome any in stock orders on the scaled down operation until the store moves to ebay marketplace.


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