Energon Points Changes and Order Qty Restrictions

30 June, 2016

From July 1st 2016,

when redeeming an order while using Energon Points, Customers will be restricted to 1 Item of Each Variant. So The order may contain as many items of different type, but not more than 1 of the same type of Product.

Order Restrictions-  Order Qty on all products will now be limited to 3 of one product type (Unless Prior Approval from Customer Service).

VIP will have a 2 unit limit but can order 1 at retail.

This Restriction Commences on the 1st of July 2016.


We have had the make these changes to keep our loyalty program untainted from abuse and being taken advantage of, Recent Events could of caused great harm to our emerging business and safeguards are needed to prolong and maintain a long lifespan of Fair Prices and Generous Rewards.


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