23 January, 2018

Now the business has transitioned back to a similiar size it was in 2014-2015,

we can now provide a more flexible option for those who continue to buy and the potential new buyers we attract due to our industry low prices.

Customers Can now choose to pay a 50% deposit rather than full payment upfront.

This option is now available a checkout with instructions and terms and conditions also being updated to reflect the change.

Customers who still prefer to settle orders in full before arrival can do so and will have upgraded to express, as well as have no delay with multi product preorders which ship soon as they arrive.

Deposit Customers will need to settle balances before shipment occurs.

this would apply to multi product orders, so it is advised to make deposit orders consist of one product only.

we hope this is another feature recently implemented that shows we trying to find fair compromise between our business model that allows the prices we offer and the upfront commitment required from our customers.


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