Changes and Refunds

04 June, 2018

Over the past few month's unfortunate actions against the company has led to a unfortunate domino effect on orders by customers who had done nothing at all to create issues with fulfilment and ETA's.

This meant order ETA's for most items blew out.

Whilist the more clear refund policy was introduced, it still did not stop a number of refunds being done for items well into the future. This has been ongoing since 2017 as well as a small number of customers who attempted to obtain refunds even after receiving their orders.

This has led the business to once again changing how payments are collected and how many units of items we obtain.

As we have lost suppliers this year due to amount of early withdrawls of orders taken , we have changed deposits to only 10% and payment methods to EFT or Crypto .

Going Forward less products will be offered to buy and the QTY of availibility reduced. The only thing that will not change is the price of the items still being globally competitive.

I also want to dispell a myth regarding refunds via credit card.

Due to abuse and misuse of the credit card refund process. we instruct all customers to lodge a chargeback if they are seeking a refund. A small percentage of customers at times claim the bank said they cannot do this.

We ask for proof from the bank and or a Stat Dec, before proceeding to refund via another method.  To date not one refund request has complied with this request.

Again a small number of customers over the last 12 months have chosen to cause disruption by obtaining refunds via cash then also seeking to claw back funds on the card.

With the changes in retail landscape, we hope to still offer products not availably locally but on a minimum scale , we still have a few good asian market contacts which means access to products is still possible.

I Cannot apologise enough to customers who have done nothing of what is mentioned above , however the effect of these actions flow onto the business and create problems fulfilling orders in a timely fashion.




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