2017 Survey Results

09 May, 2017

A few months ago we launched a Survey to try and tap into the nearly 8500 customers currently having used our services since we opened.

The Idea of the survey was to try and work out if customers want to save money by allowing us to use slower and cheaper import methods and cheaper supply networks .

We find the results useful and feedback has been welcomed , most notably early 2017 when many of our customers voiced continued angst at response times and communication. As a Result of this feedback we looked into ways to fix the problem but not impact price points, which to the majority as the survey shows is alot more important than the speed of which we can source items.

Presently it may not seem the response times are up to scratch but based on the backlog and numbers the new team had to deal with, when they do reach the KPI later this month, it will be expected all query to meet the 48 hours response times or as promised we will compensate in form of store credits.

We Continue to grow at a alarming rate and more than ever we appreciate the loyalty of many customers who rely on personal experience and placing several orders over time to see if PC is of benefit to them , We Will offer a special discount to april and may order customers to reward to continued support given.

We have included some of the more notable survey results below.


Do you buy from PC primarily for the following reason?

Access to Product not Available locally
speed of shipping


if you were to receive better communication from PC in terms of speedier replies and better contact would you be more comfortable with the status of an order still pending delivery?



does PC save you money when buying from us most of the time?

yes, your store prices save me money
yes, your rewards program saves me money
yes, both your rewards program and prices save me money
no I have not saved any money by buying from PC (enter order number/s please in comments)


Would you be happy for PC to raise prices in order to offer items faster upon release?




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