2017 ETA's

19 March, 2018

Over the last few months a number of products due for the end of 2017 were effected by a number of cancellations.

this unfortunately has a effect on our relationship with suppliers and in some cases this meant the MOQ was not possible in order to receive the items.

examples range from neca to hasbro in most cases.

We simply cannot apologise enough to the customers who did not cancel their orders and have been affected mostly by the actions of other customers.

One silver lining is the ability to have made relationships and open a storage facility on the china mainland, which means customers who elected not to cancel their orders are having their orders still fulfilled .

This also is another reason products being offered in 2018 have had QTY heavily restricted. so customers who remain loyal to a business who offers prices 20-40 perecent below RRP will continue to be serviced with affordable toys and not be as effected by other customer actions.

We also introduced a deposit option to close the fairness gap of wait times and upfront commitments, we note this has had a large take up so we are glad to those who have given us a go on the back of this large change.

Another 20% loyalty discount will run this week, code is loyaltopc  and will run until end of the week


Thanks to those who have continued to stick with us and


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